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September 2008

On Our Way...

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We're here!!!...in Florida, that is. Four days of scrambling around trying to check things off the 5 mile long 'to do' list-- everything from last goodbye coffee/dinner/drink dates, to cramming 9 months in 2 checked bags, 1 carry on and "1 personal item", to a last stop at In 'N Out (here is where you can call into questions our ability to prioritize) was stuffed into the small window we had between confirming last details with the YMCA on Monday and our departure earlier this (Thursday) afternoon.

We figure we're doing this right by weaning ourselves from California life, giving ourselves a chance to adjust and relax a bit outside of everything familiar at home before throwing ourselves excitedly into our new lives in Bogota. After a crazy week, I am definitely excited about the chance for a little R&R here in Tampa and later this weekend in Orlando!

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Brace yourself Bogota...

...cause its on!

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And by that I mean we are finally going to Bogota!!! After months of research, questions, applications, appointments, more questions, a few unexpected answers, no answers, more questions, and finally some steps in the right direction we finally have a departure date!

Marty and I will be leaving beautiful, familiar, sea-level Sonoma County on Thursday (after what I imagine will be a few feverish days of packing and running around if today is any indication) to spend a few days in Florida with Steph and Aaron. A couple days of playing tourist between Tampa and Orlando should prep us for our flight bright and early Monday morning. By Monday afternoon we will be in our new city of Bogota, Colombia!

After what seems like a loooong process, its pretty exciting to actually be going. Not gonna lie, there is plenty I will miss; Project Runway, In 'N Out Burger, English to name a few. However, I may be surprised and I am sure Colombia is not lacking in its offerings. I will just have to busy myself with other things. When in Rome..., right? Until I find those things, I think we'll most likely focus on getting there and getting settled. First things first, after all.

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Getting Closer...

...but still not there

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Apparently the visa process is actually quite lengthy (bureaucracy- who woulda thunk it?). Anyhoo, we are looking to head out sometime later this month. Until then you can check out our apartment in Bogota in my photo gallery. I'll be keeping this updated along with the blog for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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