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August 2008

It Starts.

A Journey to the Southern Continent.

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I don't know that Disney's Lion King could have penned a more appropriate line for how this next chapter in my life than, "It starts," (Thank you Rafiki). And so it does. Since the very first times Marty and I sat around entertaining thoughts of just taking off, starting something new, scratching the travel itch, and doing something we could feel really good about up until this point when Bogota, Colombia is just a month away not only have we said, "It starts," but quite a few, "It stops."

With a wonderful summer of family and friends, Camp RAD, day-tripping, abalone diving, giants gaming, reading, sun bathing, rock climbing, and more behind me, I can finally look forward to winding down my work at the Town of Windsor and focus on the upcoming 9 months of volunteer with the YMCA's Go Global Program in Bogota, Colomia and the ensuing 10th month of travel.

Usually I start out these blogs with some sort of disclaimer or apology-in-advance for the insane number of run-on sentences (this blog often comes out in streams of consciousness- sorry) or overly ambitious desire to transfer all the knowledge I gain and love I develop for the places I go and see to you, the fortunate reader. However, I don't really know yet what direction this blog will go so I think just taking in whatever appeals to you and being patient enough to dig through lengthy paragraphs to get to those things is probably the best prescription.

So welcome to the adventures, hope you enjoy!

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